Silver Tip Badger Hair Shaving Kit With Fusion Razor

Silver Tip Badger Hair Shaving Kit With Fusion Razor

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5 Edger Shaving Razor 

Jag Shaving introduces men’s wet Shaving Razor. This razor has five anti friction-blades with pre inserted cartridge, which includes the precision trimmer head, along with solid resin handle. Its feels like a quality in your hand, with a weighted core for proper shave handling. its perfect  handle design come fit in the palm of your hand and give you close smooth and cut free shave like a professional barber .

Shaving Brush 

Super silver tip badger shaving brush is made of top-grade animal hairs. Its thick and dense bristles absorb enough water to generate generous lather. Its solid resin handle provides a strong and comfortable grip even in wet environment .

Shaving Stand 

A solid shaving stand with a heavy base for added stability to prevent tipping. It helps to keep your brush and razor dryer after the use. A best solution to display brush and razor safely at one place.