Classics Men's Shaving Brush with Ivory Replica Handle.

Classics Men's Shaving Brush with Ivory Replica Handle.

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Shaving Brush

An eco-friendly Vegan Shaving Brush option: easier to maintain, more resilient and just with the same water absorption and lather building capabilities as their natural counterparts!

New Premium Handles carefully designed to provide the best balance and weight resulting in an easy to handle and comfortable pieces. Using a brush allows for a much more rewarding experience - you will find the lather is quick and easy to build, extremely cost-effective shaving with a brush will create a much richer lather with less soap! Not only that but the bristles will gently massage your skin preparing your face for the act of shaving, moisturizing it and making the process less aggressive and irritating on your skin. Extra Quick-Dry Feature - our synthetic brushes dry much quicker than natural badger hair making them a lot easier to maintain and extend their life span. A great gift for any gentleman - a thoughtful and stunning piece!