Luxury Quality Mini Handle 3 Edge Shaving Razor With Best Leather Pouch

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Shaving Razor 

Carefully designed to provide the best balance and weight for the most comfortable shave .This razor will sit comfortably in your hand, being extremely easy to handle it will get you clean neat shave even at awkward angles. . Our razor mini handle made of top quality material. Razor handle enables you to shave properly and its perfect design come fit in your hand and give you irritation and cut free shave .Our shaving razor provides one of the closest shaves around and it will completely eliminate pain, irritation, razor burns and ingrown hairs from your life. Comes with one cartridge as seen in the picture, replacement cartridges can be found at any supermarket, or drugstore. 

Leather Pouch 

100% Genuine Leather. The perfect way to protect your razor during travel or simply everyday use. Fits mostly all Mach 3  Razors. Perfect for almost all other Double Edge Safety Razors! Manufactured by Jag Shaving this leather case will protect your investment in your razor and blades! No more cut fingers while Fishing for your razor in a toiletry bag as the case will ensure the blade is not exposed once closed. Designed, created and branded by Jag Shaving, a guarantee of authenticity.