Double Edge Shaving Razor With Natural Bamboo Handle , Best Gift Idea

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DE Safety Razor 

PRECISION BALANCED: If you are used to a safety razor shave, you know that getting a steady stroke has everything to do with balance. Our new Bamboo Safety was designed with ergonomics in mind to fit beautifully in the hand, giving you an effortlessly smooth shaving experience. Achieve a closer, smoother, more professional shave without the hassle of irritation or ingrown hairs. PROTECTION: Comes with a genuine leather protective cover to keep your steel head safe at all times. ZERO WASTE: An easy step to save the planet! Billions of single use razors & cartridges are disposed of every single year. Our safety razors are the perfect zero waste option - Get the perfect shave and save the planet at the same time! COST EFFECTIVE: All you need to buy are the blades and it fits all double edge blades. You simply can't get any better value for money in the long run. WARRANTY GUARANTEED: Anything happened about the product, please feel free to contact with us, we will be always here for you.