Classic Mens Shaving Set with 5 Edge Razor & Black Synthetic Badger Brush

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2Pc Shaving Kit


5 Edge cartridge shaving razor gives a perfect shave like Barber or Salon shaver, unique and beautiful design, comfortable to use, long life. Handle is made up of red shiny resin. It works straight on ingrown hair, beard, mustache and gives a smooth shave. Razor is ideal for all body hair and easy shaving without hassle. Not comparable to plastic razors, top high quality professional mens razor. The enemy of wet shaving is having slippery hands because if you are using a safety razor then your slippery hand will cause injury.


Using a brush will allow you to get the right lather consistency much easier and quicker. You cannot do a perfect and clean shave without a shaving brush. The brush is made up of black synthetic badger hairs. Shaving brush plays a very important role in your daily shaving routine. The leather will make the hair on your face much softer and the razor will glide over the hairs cutting them much easier.