Best Quality Gift DE Safety Razor Kit With Synthetic Hair Shaving Brush

Best Quality Gift DE Safety Razor Kit With Synthetic Hair Shaving Brush

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Double Edge Safety Razor 

Jag Shaving double edge shaving  razor made of top quality material , razor head made of steel and strongly and firmly hold the shaving blades and less harmful for your skin. Its long resin handle easy to grip and give you irritation free shave like a professional way at your home . 

Shaving brush

This glamorous shaving brush handle is loaded with unique synthetic hairs for comfortable and optimum shaving experience. Its handle is made of solid resin with perfect size and balanced weight to best fits in hand for a strong grip. Its ultra-soft hair has excellent water retention to provide glossy and Rich lather for smooth and burn free shave. Its loft is securely attached with its elegant handle to make this brush more durable.

Shaving stand

our shaving stand made of top quality stainless steel material which is specially design to hold both the brush and shaving razor in a safe and hygienic way, and also keep the tools properly dry. Its durable and heavy weight base holds the brush and razor easily at one place.

Shaving Bowl 

shaving bowl made of top quality stainless steel; its heavy flat wide base for mixing lather easily, its huge size easily produced the lather according to your desire for optimum shaving experience . its elegant design come fit in the palm of your hand .