Best Mens Shaving Kit For Perfect Clean Shave

Best Mens Shaving Kit For Perfect Clean Shave

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5 Edge Shaving RAZOR

A compact razor with 5 Edge progressive blades is a valuable addition to our remarkable handmade razors catalogue. Featuring with Resin handle with a nickel coated head. The handle is perfectly balanced to eliminate the excessive pressure on the skin and provide you soft and gentle shave. 

 Shaving brush

This shaving brush made of pure silver tip badger hairs. Its soft and thick hairs absorb lot of water and produce good warm and thick lather for a smooth shave. The brush handle made of solid resin that gives you a strong grip which is securely attached to its soft loft to make it shed free hairs.  

 Shaving STAND

A chrome-coated stand made with high-quality German steel, rustproof and protected from any water damage. This neat stand will keep your razor safe from bacteria and sterile.  It not only makes for a stylish way to display your products but it actually expands their life span ensuring your tools dry properly between each use.