3 Edge Shaving Razor kit With Black Badger Hair Brush

3 Edge Shaving Razor kit With Black Badger Hair Brush

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3 Edge Shaving Razor 

The Jag Shaving 3 edge shaving  Razors For men , Easy shaving without difficulty  and ideal for all body hair. Not comparable to any kind of plastic razors, jag shaving give you top high quality face razor. Our 3 edge  shaving razor gives you the best smooth clean shave than straight and other shaving razors, its long light weighted steel handle give a strong grip to your fingers and make it antiskid . It fits all kind  double edge shaving blades and hold them firmly and give you best close clean shave .

Shaving stand

Brush stands are an easy and neat way to keep and display your shaving products, gives you extra way of protecting your products. .Jag shaving  Brush and Razor stand made of top quality stainless steel with chrome plated. Jag shaving stand specially made to protect both the brush and razor and keep them dry properly . 

Shaving brush

our shaving brushes are famous for its extra super softness. It is made of black Badger  hairs  that helps you to create a good lather for a smoother shave. The handle of the brush made of Resin and steel around the knot and bottom of the brush that hold the brush hairs strongly and make it durable . its elegant handle design come fit in your hand and its soft bristles create good rich glossy lather just in few strokes .