86 products

86 products

Soft Yet Perfect for the Job – Badger Hair Shaving Brushes

We offer an amazing range of badger hair shaving brushes. These vegan brushes are soft and feel comfortable on your skin yet they do the job exceptionally well. Our super badger shaving brushes make sure you get just the right amount of required lather in a short period. These brushes in addition to quality badger bristles give you the option of choosing among the handle type of your likings such as the resin handle, wooden handle, or the horn replica type. We offer pure badger shaving brushes which are designed to fit your hand perfectly and make your shaving experience effortless. Our range of badger brushes includes black badger shaving brushes and silvertip badger hair shaving brushes.

Synthetic Shaving Brushes for Best Wet Shaves

Wet shavers know the importance of choosing the right brush type. You cannot get a clean and perfect shave unless you soften your hair well enough to finish off your wet shave.

We offer the best synthetic shaving brushes for our customers. Our synthetic hair bristles shaving brushes are made using the best quality materials and have plenty of usable life. The right density bristles make good lather quickly enabling smooth wet shaving. We offer premium black resin handle shaving brushes and horn replica handle shaving brushes in our range of aesthetically designed synthetic shaving brushes. These brushes are not only appealing to look at but are designed to do the job the best way possible.