Why our brushes are better than others? What makes them of superior quality?

Shaving industry has a wide market for all different types of shaving brushes, with an estimated 15 billion dollar market share, as of 2018. In a market so dense, it’s only possible to succeed when you can offer something different, something unique to the customer.

So, how did Jagshaving achieve success in this market? We succeeded by providing the best and superior quality shaving brushes to our amazing customers. We undertook extensive market research, reaching out to consumers through questionnaires, surveys and telephone interviews, to better understand our customers’ requirements, needs and wants. We took all the suggestions onboard and sourced the best organic products from around the globe to manufacture the best possible shaving brushes for our target market!

Our main focus has always been to provide our customers with a variety of different types of hair for the brushes and we have successfully and continuously delivered. We also regularly innovate on the designs for the handles and ensure our handles are practical as well as luxurious to feel.

Our current range of hair for shaving brushes, which we cater for, includes:

Our current collection of the brushes (handle designs) that we have to offer is:

What makes our shaving brushes of superior quality, I hear you ask?

Because all our products are made of 100% organic materials, sources organically from around the world. They are handmade to make sure every product is delicately taken care of while manufacturing. We put our utmost love and care while making these products because we want our customers to use the absolute best items. We take care of every small detail and all our products go through rigorous quality checks at different stages of manufacturing and packaging.

This is why we claim to always put our customer satisfaction at top priority. We advise our customers to buy with confidence as they will never be disappointed with the quality of products!

Team Jagshaving!