Special Edition Luxury 3 Edge Shaving Razor New Design, Beautiful Gift, Great idea!

Jagshaving is a proud manufacturer of beautiful razors. We manufacture a whole range of razors with different blade types and a variety of designs to suit all your preferences. Whether it’s a fusion, double edge, 3 edge or a straight razor, we have every razor to accommodate your requirements. Our razors are our unique selling point and we take pride in providing our customers best quality razors around the globe! As always, customer satisfaction has been our promise and we deliver our promises regularly! Keeping in mind all these things, we are now offering Special Edition Luxury 3 Edge Shaving Razor which is made up of stainless steel and it is a new Design and one of the beautiful idea to gift someone.

Special Edition Luxury 3 Edge Shaving Razor New DesignThis is one of our best selling triple edge shaving razors and there is a good reason why that is! This beautiful razor is carefully designed to provide the best balance and weight for the most comfortable shave. It sits luxuriously in your hand and it is extremely easy to manoeuvre. We guarantee to provide you with the best, clean shave, even at awkward angles, with this amazing shaving razor.

The Ivory beautiful Jagshaving handle, made from resin, aims to provide a luxurious and attractive feel and look. It aims to provide a shave which will make you feel like royalty! Made from the best resources, organically obtained from around the world, the razor is the best possible item you can find on the market! With an exceptional price tag of just £41.49, you cannot go wrong with this beauty!
This razor comes with one cartridge, as seen in the picture on the listing. If needed, you can buy extra cartridges from our website. Alternatively, you can by cartridges from your nearest supermarket or drugstore.
This razor will be an exceptional addition to your shaving and grooming essentials. It can even make for an amazing gift for your loved ones on any special occasions! So why not spoil yourself or your family and friends with this stunning triple edge shaving razor now!