How do Double Edge Safety Razors Work?

Men’s shaving razors have kept evolving, from straight blade razors to multi-blade disposable cartridges and everything in between. All this evolution has been the result of technology enhancement aimed at augmenting the shaving process making it more result-oriented. Despite the drastic changes the double edge safety razor has not lost its popularity and is still in high demand among men who love wet shaving.

Double edge safety razors were advertised to be more hygienic plus they have a protection system that allows safety against poor shaving technique.

The material used in Head and Handle Construction

Different materials have been used to construct men’s shaving razors such as stainless steel, resin, aluminum, and zinc alloy, and more. For the head zinc alloy is suited the best and for the handle steel resin and powder-coated aluminum are preferred materials. No matter what material is used in the double edger safety razors the aim is to strike a nice balance between the two so that the user has to exert the least amount of effort while shaving.

The handle is constructed for better grip so that it fits the hand nicely and doesn’t slip, while the head is weighted so that it glides nicely over the skin and reached all the contours of the face. Overall the safety razor balance is distributed in such a way that it eases the shaving process and requires the least force. All you need to do is find the right angle and let the head glide over the skin smoothly. However, if you are a new user you might need a little bit of practice before you perfect the technique.

Leather Pouch Cover

A leather pouch cover is provided along with the double edge safety razors which cover the head. It serves a dual purpose, firstly to keep a lid on the edges of the razor blades while fixed in the head and secondly to keep you safe from the sharp double edge razor blades in case you are looking for the razor in your shaving kit just by feeling with your fingers without looking. Jag shaving offers the best double edge razor blades.

Double edge safety razor head mechanism

The two-panel door on the head opens and closes by twisting a knob just below the head. This knob is the joining point between the head and the handle. Once you open the door by twisting the knob you can slide in the double edge safety razor blades inside the head onto the base of the head. The razor blades fix onto a wedge-like structure built on the base or floor of the head. Once the razor blade is in its proper position you close the door by twisting the knob in the opposite direction. The tightness of the knob also works as a fine adjustment for maintaining the proper gap between the head edge and the blade edge. Jag shaving double edge safety razors are a good fit for all double edge razor blades.

Please do keep in mind that no matter what type of men’s safety razor you use, unless you adopt the proper way of shaving with you won’t get the desired results. Remember practice makes perfect.