A Complete Guide to comfortable wet shaving

According to research, an average man takes up to 2900 hours of his entire life shaving that are equivalent to almost 4 months. Shavers around the world follow many procedures to shave the most common method is traditional Wet Shaving.

Introduction to Wet Shaving

As it is clear from its name, wet shaving begins with wetting your face by showering warm water. This traditional shaving experience is done by getting a sharp razor in close contact with your skin to manage the hair with a patch of the blade edge.

A wet shaving set would for the most part incorporate shaving soap to lather your face and either a solitary bladed or multi-edge cartridge razor.

A traditional wet shaving kit includes a scented shaving soap to foam face skin, a badger shaving brush, and a wet shaving razor. There are many types of shaving razors available in the market e.g. Cutthroat razor, double-edged razor, 3 edge and 5 edge shaving razors are some common types.

Advantages of Wet Shaving:

A classic wet shaving will deliver the best shave for a much more clean and comfortable elegance. Wet shaving helps in reducing shaving symptoms such as rashes, cuts, and irritation. Men, on either hand, are much more likely to have sensitive skin, which can lead to blade rashes and other harmful impacts such as skin irritation and redness. This occurs as a result of using low-quality shaving products. Even if they have a good shaving gear, they still need to know how to wet shave properly.

Having the best traditional wet shaving kit will help you save time by doing a wet shave while also being much more comfortable on the skin and minimizing any redness or rashes.

Wet shaving can be a lot reliable than using disposable razors or electric shavers. However, a traditional wet shaving kit that includes safety razor, shaving soap and shaving brush requires an initial small investment.

On another side, wet shaving has some other comforts. It gives the instant elegant look and on an important note, traditional shaving set will always look classic on your bathroom rack.

Above all, most men who have switched their modern razors to a classical technique have discovered that the entire procedure becomes less of a nuisance and more of a joy: shaving with high-quality items not only produces better results but also ensures a more delightful experience.

As a result, you'll receive a much better shave with a lower risk of skin irritation, and shaving will become considerably more fun than just a morning chore.

Step by Step guide of wet shaving

Learning how to wet shave your beard is a skill that can be honed through time. We're going to show you how to wet shave your face like a pro by following this simple guide:

Before-shave practice

The most crucial step in achieving the most pleasant wet shave is to follow a pre-shave routine. A pre-shave treatment will open up your pores and soften your facial hair. This is what you must do:

Exfoliate your skin

Wet shaving is best done shortly after you get out of the shower because your skin is clean and warm. Otherwise, gently wash your face with warm water. Warm water in the shower helps open your pores and remove oil from your skin.

Rinse your shaving brush after using shaving soap

Shaving soap is suggested over shaving foams and gels since it does not include any alcoholic ingredients. Apply a heavy layer of shaving soap to your face and gently massage it in. Rinse your shaving brush in a warm water cup for a few seconds after you've finished applying shaving soap to your face. Once you've finished wetting the shaving brush, begin rubbing it on your face.

The shaving Process

Prepare your razor:

Not only is it important to keep your face clean and warm, but you should also keep your shaving razor clean. Warm it in hot water for 15-20 seconds to let it float easily against the skin as you shave.

Shave along the direction of hair growth:

One of the most important aspects of achieving the ideal wet shave is ensuring that your shaving razor glides with the hair flow rather than against it. Follow the direction of your hair development to make short razor glides. Shaving in the direction of hair development will result in a smooth and comfortable shave with no rashes on your face.

Use careful hands:

Men may put too much pressure on their shaving razors or their skin, resulting in redness, rashes, and wounds. When using traditional shaving razors, cut across a flat surface for the best results. Razors that pierce the skin produce discomfort and redness. Allow the razor to perform the work quietly!

After-Shave Screening

You did a terrific job with the razors, and your skin on your face is now smooth. However, there are a few extra precautions to take to avoid getting a rash after shaving. After shaving, your skin gets more sensitive. Dry your face by firmly tapping it with a nice dry towel. Washing your face with cold water will aid in the closure of your open pores.

Use an aftershave balm:

Aftershave balms or creams are significantly better for the skin than aftershave sprays, which can irritate and sting the skin. Using a balm will assist to soothe and nourish your skin. Use a gentle circular motion to rub it in, and don't use too much.

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