4 Most Common Wet Shaving Mistakes to Avoid

If you are facing shaving razor burns, irritated skin or cuts after every shaving, you’re making most common shaving mistakes that you must avoid. By following a proper shaving method, you can avoid those mistakes and get yourself protected from skin damage, rashes and burns.

A protected wet shaving starts from the high-quality wet shaving kit and mostly men are unable to get the best wet shaving kits. It’s a common thought in men that sprinkling some water on their face before shaving is alright for smoothing skin and opening skin pores. However, shaving dry or stiff skin will cause skin rashes and allergies.

 The best way to get your skin ready for a comfortable shaving is to pour warm water on skin and then apply Shaving Soap to make it soft and sleek. The warm water will help opening skin pores and make your skin smooth, and help removing dead skin and grease from your face. The more you steam your beard the softer the skin and hair will become.

Here are the top five most common shaving mistakes you should avoid:

1. Low Quality Shaving Foam: 

You will get low quality shaving foams everywhere in the market. These shaving foams are made of preservatives and has number of sulphates, parabens and alcohol which are extremely harmful to use on bare skin. These foams can be dangerous to use directly on sensitive skin.

For protected and smooth shaves choose Jag Shaving’s premium shaving soap over a normal shaving foam. Apply Jag Shaving soap cream on your skin before shaving with warm water and let it sit for a few minutes to get a perfect lather. Our premium-quality shaving soap provides a protective layer to your skin while shaving, Jag’s Shaving soap allows the razor to run smoothly on your skin which will help prevent razor redness and rashes to provide you the most comfortable shave you’ve always dreamt of.

Premium Shaving Soap by Jag Shaving:

Take your shaving journey to another comfort level with our premium Shaving Soap. Our shaving soap is made of natural ingredients. Rich creamy texture of our shaving soap helps to moisturize your skin to give you best wet shaving experience. A designer soap box add up the elegance and style to your shaving accessories.

premium quality shaving soap

2. Dull Shaving Blades:

Using a dull or lower-quality shaving blade can cause a harmful shave. It causes dragging your skin hair which leads to skin cuts, skin redness and skin damage. Blunt shaving blades requires more time because you must go through the same areas for many times to erase the hair properly. Shaving through the same area again and again higher the chance of skin redness and irritation.  

A comfortable and flawless shaving requires a high-quality shaving set. High quality shaving kits will help you protect your skin from redness, damages and skin irritation.

Traditional Wet Shaving Set by Jag Shaving:

Eco-friendly shaving kit: keeping your beard and your conscience happy!

Jag Shaving's hand-crafted wet shaving kits are made to provide you shaving protection and elegance you are looking for. Our Wet shaving kit bag is consisting of:

i. Jag’s Badger & Synthetic Shaving Brush

Super Badger Brushes

Jag Shaving's aesthetic design and innovation are well- presented through our best quality Synthetic and Badger Shaving Brush collection. Arising the dominance of our experts and the elegance of a rich shaving experience, our Badger Shaving Brush offers a great demonstration and attracts stylish shavers. Jag's Shaving Brush are the best quality shaving brush that sheds the skin and forms rich foam.

ii. Shaving Razor

Jag Shaving offers a wide collection of wet shaving razors for a flawless wet shaving experience. Based on research, our hand-crafted shaving razors are best of their kind in the world. Jag Shaving has taken the wet shaving to the highest level of comfort and smoothness. We never let down the quality of material shaving products. We manufacture the following range of Wet Shaving Razors available to order online on our website:

iii. Double Edge Razor:

ecofriendly Double Edge Safety Razor

Our unique collection of Double Edge Razors comprises of a wide range of shaving razors with Resin, Plastic and wooden handles with an assortment of colouring choices available. Butterfly Safety Razors and Plain Double Edge Safety are our dominants.

iv. Cut-throat Razor:

Cut-throat Razor

Cut Throat Razors or Barber razors are made with the aim to give a classic glance to your shaving box. Jag Shaving presenting you the most handful and gracefully crafted cut throat razors ready to ship across Europe and UK.

v. Tripple Edge Shaving Razor:

Get a smooth and speedy shave with Jag Shaving's Triple or 3-Edge Shaving Razors. These 3 Edge Shaving razors consists of 3 blade cartridge and a handle either made of resin, wooden or plastic.

3 Edge Shaving Razor

Our 3 Edge Shaving razors comes in two different handle sizes and variety of colours and design.

vi. Five Edge Shaving Razor

Five edge shaving razors comes in different handle sizes. Jag Shaving's five edge razors are designed to provide the smoothest shave you will ever have. Beautifully crafted razor handles are made to give a strong hold class.

3. Shaving Brush & Razor Stands

Shaving Brush and Razor Shaving Stand are delicately designed with rust-free stainless steel coated with shiny Chrome. We also made a diverse range of Shaving brush stands made with resin, metal and wood.

4. Foaming Mugs

Our collection traditional Shaving Mugs and cups are made of top caliber and durable material. Shaving mugs has a solid handle to give a strong hand grip.

 3. Bad Shaving Technique: 

Men's grooming products has become a wide universe and it became difficult to find out which shaving products are best and how do we use them properly. Due to improper shaving methods followed by men are resulted into skin rash, skin irritation, skin redness and cuts.

4. After Shave Protection:

People avoid the post shaving care which is the most common part of the entire shaving process. You need to close the open pores and after shaving cream is the best way to do that. Post shave creams moisturizes the skin that protects your skin from irritation and rashes.