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Wooden Shaving Bowl


It is very important for Jag Shaving to provide products that are not just of quality but also light on the pocket. Jag Shaving is a site where one can find a wide range of shaving kits, from classical sets to luxury sets. Jag Shaving strives to bring you the finest products available out there, its finest products includes the wooden shaving bowl that is made of pure wood.


Jag Shaving proudly offer the Wooden Shaving Bowl and mugs for wet-shaver who uses shaving soap and brush. Shaving and grooming are now very essential for men just like breathing. For this purpose, Jag Shaving is here to provide you with all the economical and luxury shaving goods. The shaving bowl in the picture is all natural as it is made of pure wood. It is very light in weight and also has a cap to it, the cap is also made from wood.

With this wooden shaving bowl you will enjoy yourself while making a lather for shave, it will take you to the old days when these wooden shaving bowls were very commonly used.  This classical wooden shaving bowl is crafted by Haryali London in England.

Wooden Shaving Bowl Features:

  • The shaving bowl is made from pure wood.
  • It is light in weight and has a wooden cap as well.
  • It is original and a product of Haryali London.
  • It enables one to make a creamy lather for shaving


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