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Vintage Style Double Edge Safety Razor Set


As the name suggests, this particular shaving razor set is a vintage, and luxury one, fit only for those who regard shaving and grooming as an art. The kit comes along with various products including a cut throat shaving razor, equipped with a high quality, wooden handle, a wooden handle badger hair shaving brush, some Dovo strop paste, a leather hanging strop meant for maintaining the razor’s edge, alongside with a handmade rosewood presentation box. The razor is currently compatible with all types of shaving foam, gels and soap. Cleaning and sharpening the razor and the blade are easy processes, which do require attention however.


Purchase our Vintage Safety Razor Double Edge Wilkinson Sword Shaving Blades Shaver and groom yourself for any special occasion. Now you can experience quality shaving at low cost by using our very own Vintage Safety Razor Double Edge Wilkinson Sword Shaving Blades Shaver.

While it can be purchased for a low price, this product offers great quality. The best part of this razor is that it can be dissembled into numerous pieces thus making it remarkably smaller, and also its parts can be easily attached and detached. The actual razor is not fitted with a blade, yet the product comes along with a pack of five, sharp, Derby BE blades. The razor can be gripped firmly in the hand and has simple mechanism better than the complicated razors available out there. The flat, stainless steel blades are popular for being sharpened on both sides and offering a great shaving experience, without leaving tiny hairs behind. They represent a strong, economical alternative to the more complex blade systems present on the market.

Features & Specifications Vintage Style Double Edge Safety Razor Set:


  • Double Edge Safety Razor
  • Stainless Steel
  • Compatible with Double Edge safety Blades
  • Razor can be dissembled into many small pieces.
  • Comes with a pack of five DERBY BE Blades


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