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Shaving Razor Strop – Genuine Leather


Strops are essential when taking care of your razor, especially if you have a superior device. With this in mind, the Haryali London small leather and canvas hanging strop combines canvas on one side with the premium quality leather situated on the other sight. The side with the canvas produces a light honing effect and helps extend the period of time before needing to sharpen your razor again.  One of the stop’s greatest attributes is its low price and long durability, so it’s an investment you won’t have to make very often.


A shaving razor is incomplete without a strop. Jag Shaving brings you the Small Leather and Canvas Hanging Strop made by Haryali London. The strop has different sides to it, one side is made of 100% genuine leather while the other is canvas. The function of the leather side is to keep the blade sharp while the canvas side is used to wipe the blade between strokes. The strop is quality is prominent and is very durable, thus expected to last longer than the usual strops present in the market. With the use of this strop keep your cut throat razors and shavette razors sharp all the time.

Shaving Razor Strop Features:

  • Genuine leather strop.
  • Two sided strop, one side for keeping razor sharp and other side for cleaning razor between strokes.
  • One side is 100% pure leather while the other is Canvas.
  • Made in UK by Haryali London.


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