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Shaving Holder


Perhaps one of the biggest issues associated with razors is the common inability to find a proper place to store these devices. With this in mind, this stand is the perfect display and storage solution for your razor, shaving soap and brush. The product is meant to be compatible with almost all sizes, so it can help you protect your shaving equipment, while also keeping your bathroom more organized. In case you have luxury shaving items, then this stand will become the stage they likely deserve. The product is made in England with the help of high quality materials.


People spend a handful of money on shaving tools but always have to look for them when it’s time to shave because the tools are not organized and they lose them all the time. To solve this issue, Jags shaving brings you the beautifully designed shiny chrome stand for your shaving razor, shaving brush and shaving soap, perfectly designed that is compatible with all shaving brushes, shaving razors and shaving soaps out there.  The stand keeps your shaving tools organized and clean by not letting them fall on the floor. This stand will just look amazing in any bathroom.

The materials used in making of this stand are of finest quality. This stand is a product of Haryali London and is made in England.

Features & specifications of Shaving Holder:

  • COLOR: chrome
  • Stand for shaving brush, shaving razor and soap
  • Product of Haryali London


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