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Shaving Gift Set for Men


This is yet another great gift choice for men from all around the world, mostly due to the superior quality of the products included in this gift set. With this in mind, the double edge safety razor is made of brass and is nickel plated, thus granting it a good feel in the hand. Not only this, but it also offers a smooth shave, enhanced by the pure black badger shaving brush, which helps exfoliate the skin while preparing it for shaving. The package also comes with a total of five stainless steel blades.


Jag Shaving does it again and brings you another profound Shaving gift set only for men. The set includes a double edge safety razor and a shaving brush. The razor is of superior quality, the razor is nickel plated and made of pure brass and the handle is of ivory colour, thus giving you a good feel in the hand. The razor is traditionally designed, sharpened on both sides and have an extra long handle so that it can be gripped firmly, thus providing you the with the joy of real shaving. The second accessory in the double edge safety razor kit is the shaving brush that is made of pure black badger hair and its base is made of ivory coloured metal, with this brush shaving will be no more shaving but an art in itself.

The Double Edge Safety Razor Set also comes with a five blades made of stainless steel, all these items come in its original travel case so now you can carry your shaving tools along with you to anywhere in the world. The kit also includes a free tweezers.


Features & Specifications Of Shaving Gift Set for Men:

Shaving Razor

  • Double edge razor
  • Color: Nickel plated and ivory color
  • Material: pure Brass
  • Extra long handle

Shaving Brush

  • Color: ivory
  • Material: pure badger hair

Other Accessories

  • Travel case
  • Five stainless steel replacement blades


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