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100% Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush


People from all around the world consider shaving to be an art, reason for which it is essential to use high quality shaving brushes during the process. One such example is the 100% badger hair shaving brush, which offers a great quality for the money spent on it. The brush itself is made from badger hair, whereas the handle is made from high quality wood.

The brush works well with all brands of cream, foams and soaps. Prior to using it, it is recommended to wash it with warm soapy water in order to prime the brush.


Shaving has now become an art and part of everyday life for which people are eager to use the best products out there. One such example of best shaving tools is the 100% badger hair shaving brush, a brand in itself and a name of quality.  This great looking pure badger brush is made of two things, high quality wood and badger hair for a better and smoother grooming. The pure badger brush is of high quality and is compatible with all the kinds of soaps, foams and creams available in the market.

For better use of this brush, before using it take some soapy water and wash the brush with it. Now you don’t have to change your shaving brush every time it loses the hair, get yourself the 100% badger hair shaving brush for everlasting experience. The pure badger brush also comes with a FREE TWEEZER. Jag Shaving is offering free shipping all over UK.

Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush Features and Specifications:

  • Material: Wood
  • Color: Natural Wood
  • Brand: Mühle Gillette Body Toolz
  • Pure Badger Hair
  • Gift Box


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