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Men’s Traditional Shaving Kit


This particular product is special mostly thanks to the fact that it is crafted by the Haryali London company, which is popular for creating shaving brushes that are members of their own league. With this in mind, the white badger hair brush is of an excellent quality, and can be used by men from all around the world to prepare their face for shaving, while also cleaning and exfoliating it. Badger hair has long been considered the secret to obtaining the perfect shave. It’s worth pointing out that the kit also includes a cut throat shaving razor, built at an interesting angle that offers a direct shave.


Another master class Men’s Traditional Shaving Kit by Jag Shaving. The set includes a variety of quality shaving products, all designed in such a way to provide safety and satisfaction at the same time. The kit includes some remarkable products such as a cut throat shaving razor, a white badger hair shaving brush, a shaving soap and not to forget, the free blades. The shaving brush is uniquely designed with white hair to provide a perfect shave. The cut throat razor is specifically manufactured to provide a vigorous and straight shave. The kit also includes free blades by Wilkinson Sword.

The cut throat razor and the white badger hair shaving brush are both manufactured by Haryali London while the shaving soap is a product of the US Company Marvy. The kit also includes free tweezers.


Features & specifications Of Traditional Shaving Kit:

  • Cut throat shaving razor

Shaving Brush

  • Color: white
  • Material: pure badger hair

Other Accessories

  • Free blades by Wilkinson sword
  • Shaving Soap by Marvy


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