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German Stainless Steel Nose Hair Clippers Trimmer Grooming Kit

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Grooming is an essential part of the day for men from all around the world. When it comes down to travelling, it can be quite complicated to bring along all of the usual grooming products, which is why the stainless steel travel nose hair clippers and ear hair trimmer grooming kit is an essential product. To use the products, customers simply have to insert the cutting head of the device into the nose or ear, while rotating the lower cylinder back and forth, in short, but rapid movements. The product offers a clean cut, without leaving hair, and without pulling it during the cutting process.


Jag Shaving offer German Stainless Steel Nose Hair, Nail Clippers Trimmer Grooming Kit for you. Hair looks great on the head but not very impressive when they are inside the nose or ear but now Jag Shaving has a solution to that as well, the stainless steel travel Nose and Ear Hair Trimmers grooming kit is here to remove them all even when you are travelling. This device will always be in your checklist when you are about to travel somewhere because grooming is essential and this tool is small and easy to carry.

The functions are simple to understand, just insert the cutting side of the device into your ear or nose and in short and rapid movements rotate the lower cylinder of the device back and forth, thus leaving no hair behind, nor pulling them and you have a clean cut. Also get free tweezers with this set.


Nose Hair Clippers Trimmer Grooming Kit Features & Specifications:

  • Nose & Ear Hair Clipper
  • Made of Stainless steel
  • Easy to carry while travelling

1 review for German Stainless Steel Nose Hair Clippers Trimmer Grooming Kit

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Best nasal hair trimmer I have ever bought thank you.

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