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Double Edge Butterfly Safety Razor


Most products created by Haryali London are in a league of themselves thanks to their superior quality. With this in mind, the butterfly safety razor offers a great shaving angle for a vigorous, pleasant and direct shave. The blade can be easily changed thanks to the butterfly design that allows users to twist the knob in order to open the cutting head plates. The device also comes along with a non-slip grip, thus making it immune to the slip created by gel and water. The product is created with genuine brass, and offers an excellent shaving experience from all the points of view.


Safety is one of the factors that must be considered while shaving as things can go from bad to worse if shaving not done safely. For keeping the safety ensured, one must choose such shaving products for shaving that guarantees safety, especially razors. Jag Shaving is a site that has a very wide range of shaving products from world top companies, Jag Shaving collection of products is based on high quality, low prices and ensuring safety products.

One such product of Jag Shaving that guarantees safety is the butterfly razor which is crafted in England by Haryali London. The butterfly safety razor is very elegantly designed and is attractive enough to make one buy it in an instance. The butterfly razor is very smooth on the skin and provides a strong and pleasant shave. Its mechanism is simple, just twist the knob so that the cutting head plates can be opened in order to replace the blade. The razor is made of genuine brass and comes in a Haryali London’s branded box.

Features & Specifications Of Double Edge Butterfly Safety Razor:

  • The butterfly razor is hand crafted in England by Haryali London.
  • It is made of genuine brass.
  • The butterfly blades can be replaced.
  • It comes in a Haryali London’s branded box.


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