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Cut Throat Straight Razor by Haryali London


Unfortunately, as time has passed, straight cut throat shaving razors have lost quite a lot of popularity, as alternatives have appeared on the market. Yet, they are still highly effective and can do a great job. Such is the example of the wooden barber salon straight cut throat shaving razor by Rasoirs Rasoi. The device is meant to improve traditional cut throats, as the blade can be changed, so users do not have to worry about sharpening and stropping the blade, thus making it easier to use. In terms of its price, it’s available at a great price-to-quality ratio

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The proverb “Old is Gold” fits perfectly to this classical wooden handle cut throat straight razor by Haryali London.  These shavette razors are old but are still widely used and very effective when its come to shaving. This cut throat shavette razor is almost same as the straight razor but the only difference is that with the straight razor, the blade needs sharpening and stropping while the shavette razor blades can be replaced just like the safety razors. So now you can experience straight razor shaves with these shavette razors.

The Cut throat shaving razors are compatible with the standard size double edge replacement blades, which are very easy to find. The length of the razor is 24cm when opened fully. Two free packs of blades come with the razor, a pack of five Derby Extra blades and five Wilkinson Blades.

Cut Throat Straight Razor Features & Specifications:

  • The razor handle is wooden.
  • The blades of the razor are replaceable.
  • The razor functions just as a cut throat straight razor.
  • The razor is compatible with the standard size double edge replacement blades.
  • Five Derby Extra blades and five Wilkinson Blades also come with the razor.


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