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Cut Throat Razor Shaving Kit


This particular shaving set is perfect for those that regard grooming as an art, mostly due to the quality of the pieces included in this shaving set. With this in mind, it comes along with a wooden handle cut throat razor, a wooden handle badger silver tip hair shaving brush, an extra wide 3 inch leather strop and some Dovo paste. The brushes and razors should function well with just about any soap, foam, cream or shaving gels. It’s important to wash the shaving brush with warm, soapy water prior to using it in order to prime it.


Sometimes it’s very irritating when you are missing an essential tool of shaving while doing a shave but not anymore as this shaving set has almost all the essentials required for a quality shave. The shaving set contains a cut throat razor with a wooden handle, a stylish shaving brush made of quality wood and badger hair, kit also includes an extra leather strop of 3 inch size and also some Dovo paste.

Using these tools you don’t have to worry about creams, foams, shaving gels or soaps because these brushes and razors will work with any of the foams, shaving gels, soaps and creams available out there.  If you want to have a good shave with these tools then its better to wash the shaving brush with soapy water before using it on your face.

Features & specifications Of Cut Throat Razor Shaving Kit:


  • Cut throat shaving razor
  • Wooden handle
  • Long Handle


  • Badger hair shaving brush
  • Pure badger hair
  • Wooden


  • 3 inch leather strop
  • Dovo paste


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