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Shaving Brushes

We have a wide range of shaving brushes, all brushes in this category are carefully collected in order to ensure quality and consistency. The brushes category includes brushes that are made of the finest materials such as the synthetic hair shaving brushes and pure badger hair brushes.

Our brushes functions in two different ways, the first part is foam creation from shaving soaps, shaving creams, shaving gels etc. The second function of Our brushes is to lift the beard and exfoliate the skin that helps in a better shave.

Brushes that are made of pure badger hair are considered to be the best Brushes out there, they are widely used and are the ones mostly preferred by Men because badger hair has the ability to hold more water and heat as well, thus allowing to create a good and creamy lather. All badger hair Brushes are not the same, there is a great difference between them due to the quality of the hair. Synthetic hair brushes are also on the trending list as an alternate vegan option for Men.

Other things about brushes that you may not be aware of such as the knot, the knot actually denotes the diameter of the base of the hair. Brushes with larger knots mean that there is more hair while smaller the knot the lesser the hair but there are brushes which have smaller knots but still the hair is more because the hair is densely packed. The loft is where the hair starts to the top of the hair. The backbone refers to the strength of the hair, which means our brushes that have strong hair and can stand up the pressure are considered to be strong backbone shaving brushes.

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